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Pre-installation meetings & decisions (1 of 3)

When I first started to discuss my installation with Santa Fe Aero Services I quickly realized that this was going to be an interesting journey.  I had just purchased the airplane in December and was just getting used to flying the airplane. As a low time pilot I am very uncomfortable with not flying at least once or twice a week even if it is only a quick 40 minutes around the pattern.  The thought of not having my airplane and not flying for 3 weeks made me uneasy.  However, the excitement of having a glass cockpit with all of the new features and functions that would not only enhance my safety but also my confidence in flying quickly overcame any hesitation I had in this area.   Sitting down with the guys at Santa Fe Aero Services was great. We discussed the three display installation and other options I could have to improve the safety and ease of flying for my airplane.

The first decision I made was that I would install my system in the current panel without modification.  I have heard of many installations where they have decided to replace the entire panel with a newly engineered and manufactured one.  The expense of designing and manufacturing a new panel just didn’t make sense since I didn’t need to do it to install the Aspen system.  Along with the PFD1000, MFD1000 and MFD500 I decided to install the Aspen EWR50 XM weather and Hazard Awareness software package and the Aspen Emergency Backup Battery (DuoSafe) so I would have full back up with the MFD1000.   I also decided to have the dual-antenna Avidyne TAS610 installed as well (http://www.avidyne.com/products/tas600/index.asp). This would give me incredible situational awareness.

These pictures show the aft compartment equipment rack with the weather receiver and TAS.

New aft fuselage equipment shelf being installed (1 of 2)

Rear fuselage equipment rack complete (2 of 2)

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