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Pre-installation meetings & decisions (3 of 3)

Finally, since I had a lot of additional space I decided to keep my original airspeed, altimeter, attitude indicator, and turn coordinator. Because the PFD1000 and the MFD1000 include the DuoSafe external battery backup, this installation provides me the entire backup I need.  I could have opted to just retain the attitude indicator for back-up and removed all of the other back-up instruments, but I had room for them so I decided to keep them all.  Eventually I will be able to remove the attitude indicator as well as Aspen receives additional approvals in the coming year.  In fact, if I had been space constrained I would have done exactly that. My airplane does not have a vacuum pump so this was not a consideration.

Once I finished making my decisions it was off to getting a quote and negotiating a final price.  This process went a lot smoother and faster than I anticipated as everything was spelled out and all contingencies identified. Next up; bringing the airplane in and starting the installation!

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  1. Scott Snider
    April 18, 2010 at 2:07 pm


    Thanks for taking the time to write your blog. Quite informative.

    It’s great to see Aspen Avionic’ success. The products and capabilities are first-class.

    A marketing suggestion: the Aspen literature (including website) could more clearly state what DuoSafe is: emergency backup battery, capabilities, what instruments can be removed or must be retained. It wasn’t until I read through the EFD1000 installation guide that I found relevant references to help me understand DuoSafe. I hope the software updates and FAA approvals required for removing the mechanical attitude indicator are soon to be released.

    Scott Snider

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