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Beginning the installation…the tear down

After everything is decided my excitement begins to grow.  As I got into my airplane at Double Eagle Airport in Albuquerque for the flight up to Santa Fe and after all my pre-flight checks I can’t help but think that the next time I take my airplane from my hangar flying, it will be a safer and more capable experience for me.  My flight up to Santa Fe was short and uneventful.  The sky was clear and visibility was greater than 10NM.  With all of the mountains surrounding the city and airport the good visibility is a comfort.  It also made me excited to be installing my Aspen MFD so that I would have the added security of terrain awareness when days are not so clear!

I taxied up to Santa Fe Aero services and was greeted with by Pat Horgan and his crew.  Santa Fe Aero have done several successful Aspen installations and I am excited about them getting started.  I left the aircraft there and climbed into a car for the hour ride back to Albuquerque.

No sooner had I arrived in Albuquerque and got back to my desk I already had an email message from Santa Fe Aero.  They had already started what I affectionately call the “tear down”. They had removed the canopy and the panel cover.  They sent me pictures showing the seats taken out and much of the current avionics torn out exposing the back of the panel and wiring.  Looking at the pictures immediately peaked my anxiety.  The airplane didn’t look like my airplane anymore. It was merely a shell with a lot of wires, pulleys and push-pull rods.  I thought wow, did I really know what I was getting myself in for?  Pat tried to calm me on the phone and let me know that this was all normal.

Tear down phase - seats removed

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