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Slight problem…but a happy ending

The next day I checked my email and sure enough there was an email from Pat. After doing a fit check the guys up at Santa Fe Aero discovered an issue–The curvature of the panel for the DA40 is too sharp leaving the upper left hand corner of the MFD500 protruding beyond the panel. When we discussed the installation in the beginning I was quite excited being able to take advantage of the EFD1000 installation sliding directly into the existing hole of the six pack and importantly being able to save considerable money.  Now I was beginning to worry that I may have to pay for a new panel!

Fit check - MFD protruding over edge of existing panel

Pat again calmed me down (Pat’s calming voice and approach to working with me is something that will be a recurring theme in my experience!) as he had a solution already. With the broad machining capabilities at Santa Fe Aero Services, they had already come up with a machined piece of metal that could be flush mounted to the existing panel. This extension will allow me to not only retain my panel but save me thousands of dollars. I decided to drive up to Santa Fe and take a look for myself. The piece was incredibly well done and the flush mounting of it will not only be a great solution it will be almost impossible to tell it is there.

Machined panel extension

Machined panel extension held in place - perfect fit!

Disaster averted!  After calming down I was able to enjoy the fit check and to discuss the placement of the ACU and other parts of the system. Since I retained my KLN94 and Bendix King radios my installation required 2 ACU units.  I was able to see where the units would be installed under the back seats.  We also discussed and identified the placement of the Emergency back up battery, weather receiver, TAS610 placement power switches for the Aspen system and general update on the installation. I left Santa Fe Aero that day with a renewed sense of confidence that maybe this whole thing will work out just great.  Next up: Power up…

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