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Power up!

Power up day arrived. I took the short 45 minute car ride up to Santa Fe early in the morning. It had snowed quite a bit during the night so the drive required a bit more concentration than usual. I couldn’t hide the fact that I was pretty excited. I arrived at Santa Fe Aero and was brought into the hangar immediately. The Santa Fe crew updated me on the progress of the installation. We discussed the different things that had been done and I got my first real good look at the extension that they had manufactured on my panel. They had done a real good job. You could barely notice the extension and it made the whole fit and finish of the panel look very clean. They quickly got to it and connected ground power to the airplane. They had manufactured a very nice circuit breaker switch panel for the on/off switches for the PFD and MFD and installed it into an unused instrument hole. This will make it really nice during power up as it is right in front of me and will make it easy for my checklists to power them up and down.

PFD/MFD switches to be placed in existing panel opening

Final wiring (note PFD/MFD switch panel)

Power came up and the PFD and two MFDs came right up.  Since we were in the hangar we could not get GPS or traffic info on the displays but the crispness and color of the displays was beautiful. I couldn’t wait to use it in flight.  We worked through all of the different modes and everything worked as advertised.  After some more discussion I found out I was a week away from getting the first flight in–weather permitting. They needed to finish up the RSM installation and wiring for the TAS, close the airplane up and do the compass swing.

They pointed out that the throttle quadrant was not going to the engine stop due to a setting change that needed to be adjusted to ensure I get full power from the engine. They also needed to perform a couple of other things on the airplane including throttle cable replacement and pitot static line guards recommended by Diamond.  I have to admit that although I was very excited I was also seeing the bill rise.  There always seemed to be something else that needed to be done, all very legitimate and necessary but difficult to absorb.  The Santa Fe Aero guys were very thorough, something that I am very pleased about.  As everyone kept telling me; welcome to airplane ownership.  Didn’t make it any easier though!  Next up; final checkout and first flight!

System power up

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