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Clearing the squawks (part 1)

After landing at Double Eagle following my flights, I contacted Pat at Santa Fe Aero to discuss what we had seen. I really did not have a lot of squawks for an initial flight so I was pretty pleased. We discussed the crosscheck attitude, heading lead lags as well as some issues with the interface between the TAS and the Aspen MFD. I also had some issues with the idle setting on my throttle quadrant being too high. This incidentally creates an interesting situation because the DA 40 with its long wings tends to float down the runway on landing if I flare at too high a speed. I have found it necessary to really concentrate on flying the airplane down to the ground and not relaxing until the mains and the nose are down more so than I had experienced when flying a high wing airplane. The extra speed produced by the higher than normal idle setting made it even more challenging. While it was an easy landing I did learn some good things about landing hot!

In any case Pat agreed to come down to Double Eagle and work the throttle quadrant and to fly with me to investigate the cross check attitude, heading and TAS issues. I thought this was a pretty big deal and was a bit unexpected. Just another example of the strong customer focus the people have up at Santa Fe Aero! The following day Pat flew down the Santa Fe Aero Navion B, which by the way is equipped with a beautiful two tube Aspen system in it. The aircraft is a beautiful airplane as you can see by the picture below. Santa Fe Aero does excellent work as you can see from the picture of the cockpit!

Navion Panel with dual Aspen displays

Santa Fe Aero's Navion

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