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Flying to Sun ‘n Fun (2)

After fueling up and getting something to eat, we decided to file an IFR flight plan (my very first time!) and do the flight in simulated instrument environment. I was quite excited about this, as it would be the first time I used the Aspen system as my sole means of flight reference. We took off and climbed quickly to our cruise altitude.

Flying with the PFD and MFD combination made things easy. Using the CDI as the primary source for guidance while using the MFDs to get a look at the big picture was incredible. Lining up the blue diamond to the top of the CDI course indicator to compensate for winds made flying by hand a pleasure. I used the winds aloft feature of the XM weather on the MFD to watch the winds and fuel remaining to ensure we had more than enough fuel for an alternate to KMLU if we needed it. I hand flew for a good portion of this leg using the autopilot occasionally to get the hang of the integration.

We approached KMLU and easily made a visual approach. Again I wished I had the OBS display on the PFD and MFD. I was beginning to realize how important this function is when approaching unfamiliar airports with multiple runways. I was used to flying in New Mexico and Arizona where the air is very clear and there are distinctive geographical references like mountains that make it easy to find the airport and orient yourself to the runway layout well before it is right on top of you!

We over-nighted in Monroe. The FBO there was great and all-in-all Monroe was a great place to stop. During the evening I spent a lot of time reviewing our next legs, especially the NOTAM for getting into Lakeland. This was my first trip into an airshow like this and I was more than a bit nervous.

Next up: Day two of flying, on to Lakeland…

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