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Flying home from Sun ‘n Fun (2)

We had been watching the weather and there was a pretty massive storm that covered most of Texas. We over-nighted in Monroe expecting to go north to Oklahoma to go around the storm. When we woke up the storm had moved but it still looked like we could go up to Tulsa and skirt the storm. Once we took off it was clear through the use of our XM weather on the MFD and panning function that the storm was moving north. We re-routed to Joplin, MO, then to Wichita and tried to get around the storm back into Amarillo.  (see weather picture below).

The Aspen display of XM weather coupled with the cursor/info selection functions to look at weather at possible re-fueling airport stops was invaluable to making the trip home safely. I also got a good chance to use the new cursor functionality in version 2.2. In the picture (see cursor picture below) you can see how I managed my distance from local terrain on our way back into Albuquerque.

Keeping track of terrain on theMFD500 and watching the distances using the cursor while having XM weather on the MFD1000 provided for exceptional situational awareness. The unique ability of a three display Aspen solution to look at the MAP from both the terrain and weather perspective is extremely useful in a busy environment.

As we approached Albuquerque there were several large storms in the area. We anticipated having to divert to Santa Fe. So we brought up the weather and approaches at Santa Fe to ensure that it would be a safe alternative. We had plenty of fuel so we had options. In the end we were able to land safely between two pretty good storms at our home airport, Double Eagle II (KAEG).

All in all a very interesting and fun flight that challenged not only me as a pilot but also the Aspen system. I am happy to say that we came through with flying colors!

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